About Us

277 Storage is your resource for storage containment units for boats, RV’s or other business equipment. Our secure facility offers well-lit areas for 24/7 access to your belongings, and we protect your investment by keeping it safe from vandalism, theft, and environmental damage as well.  

Our Abilene lot is located on the 277 South highway, and monitored 24 hours per day by a state-of-the-art security camera system to guarantee safety to our customers and security of their belongings. Customers who store with us receive a security code to access the lot and their personal storage unit at any time of day. 

For boat storage and RV storage, we have enclosed or covered units of varying sizes that can accommodate large or small vehicles. RV units also have available electrical power hook-ups to maintain battery charge when not in use.  

Warehouse and trade spaces are available pre wired with lights and electrical. We can be modify the basic setup to suit your needs. For example, many customers have added 220VAC for welders, compressors, and the like. We have added offices inside and other customizations to suit you. 

If you need an office, warehouse, repair center, other requirement you can't find around town call us today! we will build what you need with a contract term and budget you can afford. 

Our competitive pricing and central location on highway 277 just south of Abilene puts us ahead of many other storage facilities. With 24/7 access to your belongings, our secure facility is the place to turn to for RV storage, boat storage, or any type of self storage unit you may need. Contact us today for individual unit pricing.