Storage Options

Warehouse or Trade

Big 14 foot tall doors and 25 foot center clearance means you can do anything your business requires. There are many times we find that we have an excess of equipment. Maybe you need a larger space to operate from. Moving an office? You may need a space to store equipment until the new area is open or renovations are complete. For this reason, we suggest taking advantage of the self storage units available at 277 Storage in Abilene. 

277 Storage offers units large enough to run your business or store everything you need to run it. All units are located on our central lot and offer the same privacy and protection of all our units. Amenities featured at our facility include:

 • Electrical and lights already wired, just call the utility company to have it turned on 
 • Fully enclosed units 
 • 12 x 14 foot roll up door 
 • End units have a small gated yard available 
 • 3 foot walk through door 
 • 25 foot clearance at the center and 16 foot side walls 
 • Secure location with 24/7 customer access via a security code 
 • Camera coverage of gates 

Business owners can take advantage of self storage units during office renovations, or use our facility as a place to store extra equipment until its needed at the business again.
The standard spaces do not include conditioned office pace but we can modify any unit to your requirements in a short time period.  

We offer competitive pricing at our highway-accessible location in Abilene, providing use business in Abilene and the surrounding areas. For individual unit prices, sizing options and availability, we suggest you contact us directly today!

RV and Trailer

Camping is a family hobby that can be done almost all year around. But during the off season, you need a place to store your vehicle that is safe, secure, and will keep it free from environmental damage. For Abilene residents, there's no more reliable place for RV storage than 277 Storage. 
We have both covered and fully enclosed units at our facility, all easily accessible from the highway. Our large units provide RV storage for any vehicle regardless size and make. Our facility has many amenities for customers, including:

• Electric hook up to maintain battery power on your RV available 
• Bathrooms and water availability while on site 
• State-of-the-art surveillance systems 
• Secure facility accessible 24/7 via security code 
• Clean facility to protect from environmental damage 
• Friendly and knowledgeable staff to assist with parking and storing your vehicle 

We know that RV owners often have multiple vehicles that go with them on camping trips. Boat storage is available for protection during the cooler months as well. Our covered storage length of 45 feet can house large RV's and boats and the generous 15 foot width means you can extend that slide out when needed. 

We understand what a large investment a RV is, and we take the security and safety of your vehicles very personally. Our highway-accessible facility is under surveillance by cameras, and each customer receives a security code to access their unit at any time of day or night. This gives you peace of mind, and helps protect your belongings from theft and vandalism. 

 For information on unit pricing, sizes, and availability on RV storage units, contact us today!


When summer ends and its time to put away the boat and trailer, you want to ensure it'll be in a location safe from the damages of cold winds and dry air. For this reason, boat storage at a storage facility is a wise decision, and there's no better place to store a boat then at 277 Storage. We're just South of Rebecca on highway 277 in Abilene, making getting to and from the Abilene marina or your favorite lake a breeze.  

While utilizing boat storage options at the marina may seem wise, the air becomes cooler and drier during winter and this can cause issues with internal engine systems and damage the outside of the vehicle. Boat storage at home is an option, but the larger the vehicle, the more space it will take up in your driveway or yard. At 277 Storage, we understand the value of your investment and will work with you to arrange a boat storage unit that will keep your vehicle safe until the new season arrives.  

Our storage units are able to hold any size of boat you may own. From small fishing vehicle to full-sized speedboat, we'll be able to suits your storage needs. Our facility features a variety of accommodations and security features including:

• 24 hour access via keypad entry
• Security fence and security surveillance system 
• Covered and fully enclosed units 
• Large units for any size boat 
• Options for RV storage 
• On site management 

We guarantee friendly service, and offer assistance with parking and removing your boat or RV from storage for use during the camping and boating seasons. We offer competitive rates and are centrally located on 277 on the South side of Abilene, making driving to our unit and to the lake easy and convenient.  

For information on rates, unit sizes, and availability contact us today! Space can be limited at times as we provide service to the entire Abilene area, but we promise to work with you and arrange boat storage accommodations.

Build to Suit

Are you looking for that perfect business space you just can't seem to find? Maybe you need a larger space from which to operate. For these reasons we suggest taking advantage of the build to Suit capabilities of 277 Storage in Abilene. 

277 Storage offers a custom build to your specifications on a schedule you will find incredible. Our location offers relief from the hassles of building in Abilene while still providing the convenience of being close to everything since you are just South of Rebecca in the middle of the action in Abilene. 

Have your building built on the 277 frontage or behind our key code access gates with security cameras. 

We can offer the satisfaction of getting exactly what you want without the headache and minutia of the construction process. Lease terms and rates are reasonable and flexible. 

Contact us today to see what we can do for you!